Sakai Takayuki INOX PRO

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Japanese culinary culture trends worldwide as its popularity emerged truly from the exotic, yet intricate flavors arising from the fine selection of unique ingredients. Based on the beauty of Japanese traditions, including the long history that circled around culinary arts centuries ago, Japanese knives are forged with a strong intention to craft the finest dishes and wow diners from different parts of the globe. The mastery of blade skills, the essential techniques to craft delicate sashimi pieces are what professional Master chefs would have to go through before earning the fame as Japan’s head chefs. With this in mind, all Japanese chef hopefuls go through training sessions at an early age to ensure strong foundation and the basics are thoroughly covered to be able to perform challenging, yet advanced skills enough to craft and create their very own original dishes and signature menus. Along with the long training sessions and experiences they would need to go through in order to reach their dreams in becoming the top Japanese food chefs, the understanding and wise selection of Japanese knives are also important as they are the foundations of Japanese culinary.

There are a plenty of knife brands out there with quality materials and stunning designs. However, Sakai Takayuki is indeed one of the highly trusted brands that, not only is famous domestically in Japan, but also worldwide. The brand, Sakai Takayuki is owned by Aoki Hamono, with a history that dates back to over 600 years in Sakai – where the hearts of Japanese knife forging techniques only Sakai Takayuki knives own were founded. Home to cutlery for chefs and culinary professionals in Japan, Sakai is a famous city that has forged and produced thousands and thousands of professional cutlery and culinary equipment all these times. Sakai Takayuki is a top-tier Japanese knife-producing brand, home to skilled craftsmen and blacksmiths with specialized techniques to forge beautiful and exceptionally efficient blades.

Top Sakai Takayuki knives are all forged with special techniques and skills to ensure extreme blade quality, sharpness, and efficiency for the best usage.

Most knives are Santoku knives or the multi-tasking knives used to cut, chop, and slice all kinds of ingredients, ranging from gentle ones to harder ones. Sakai Takatuki knives are forged with finest materials to provide edge retention and extreme durability, thus, extending the period of time a knife can be used. Among the top-tier models and series, the Sakai Takayuki INOX PRO series provide users with all is required to perform the tasks in mastering the skills in sushi-making.

The Sakai Takayuki INOX PRO knife is made out of the INOX AUS-8A Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel, which is a highly well-known Japanese stainless steel known for its extreme durability, rust-resistance, and the desired sharpness one needs to perfect all the techniques. Combining the INOX steel with the Japanese traditional blade production technology, the Sakai Takayuki INOX PRO knife series is an original product with excellent razor-sharpness offered at a reasonable price – thus, suitable for beginners, amateurs, and even professionals. Its handle is made out of stainless steel, allowing a simple grip for both left and right-handed users, along with just the right weight to give off a perfect balance to wield. Clean and hygienic stainless steel handle allows better grip and the end of the blade itself has a cavity structure, aimed towards stability and feather-like lightweight feature. The Sakai Takayuki INOX PRO will be a great choice of knife for beginners and Master Chefs to perform all the desired techniques – the swift chops of vegetables, the thin slices of Salmon fish, and the cuts of varying ingredients to make just the perfect sushi.