Japanese Knives for Left Handed Users


As the popularity of Japanese cuisine has tripled in the past few years, the trends of Japanese food have increased rapidly in the past few decades. the rise in the demands of Japanese cutlery and culinary equipment can be seen as a trigger that highlights the significance of Japanese knives in the crafting of authentic Japanese dishes. Specifically when it comes to delicate dishes such as sushi and sashimi that require professional skills to chop, cut, and accurately slice varying types of meats and fish, the mastery of Japanese knives is highly essential and required for all Japanese food culinary professionals and head chefs.

A Japanese knife is forged and made out of extremely hard steel to ensure professional slicing, cutting, boning, and filleting.

There are numerous kinds of Japanese knives used in the kitchen – ranging from the must-have Gyuto knife (Chef’s knife) to the more-specific kind of knife like the Nakiri (vegetable knife). The lengths of these Japanese knives are different, as each knife type, model, and series will adopt a specific dimension to be able to perform the tasks and meet certain needs. The materials that make up Japanese knives are also of premium quality – rust-resistant, highly durable, and extremely hard stainless steels are often used in the forging process.

Japanese knives are also renowned for beautiful designs and patterns depicted on blade surfaces to portray the traditions and culture of Japan.

As for blade designs, different knife series and models feature varying handle materials, numerous hammered textures, colors, and sizes to match their purpose of use. As Japanese knives own a traditional sense of purpose to it, professionals, culinary experts, and chefs look for perfect blades to work with – making sure that their blades would be able to perform all the tasks required to create delicious, mouth-watering Japanese dishes.

Although there are a wide variety of Japanese knives in the market, Japan’s top knife manufacturing brands include: Sakai Takayuki, Tojiro, and Misono. These brands forge high quality Japanese knives and are well-loved by users from different parts of the world. Most blades are double edge, which means users can enjoy using them despite being left or right handed. However, there are some Japanese blades that are especially made for left handed users. To ease in the performing of specific techniques and skills, top Japanese knife brands also offer users with left handed knife models.

Sakai Takayuki Tokujyo Supreme Knife Series

Sakai Takayuki’s Tokujyo Supreme knife series is among one of the best out there offering users the ease in cooking delicious dishes with a left handed feature. Made out of the White 2 steel, Tokujyo Supreme series is made with extreme delicacy to own extreme sharpness. Its durability, high performance, and quality materials also made it a popular series. The knife handle is made out of premium quality Magnolia Ho wood, manufactured by Aoki Hamono.

Tojiro FUJITORA SD Swedish MV Stainless Knife Series

One of the best-selling knife brands in Niigata, Japan, Tojiro’s FUJITORA SD Swedish MV Stainless knife series is indeed a must-have. With its sharpness and mono-layer material, Tojiro’s edging process proves a fine finished, single-edge shape especially made for left handed users. With a strong combination of Vanadium and Molybdenum, the sharpness of this knife series is just no-joke. Anti-chipping and rust-resistance are also the pros of this series.

Misono UX10 Swedish Stainless Knife Series

Considered as Misono’s top grade series, the UX10 Swedish Stainless series is well-known for its hard blade material – forged with the Swedish high carbon stainless steel. Its excellent edge retention and hardness makes it one of Misono’s best-selling series so far. Made for left handed users, all models in this series are single-edge knives.

Although users can enjoy double-edge blades, for left handed users, it can’t be denied that single-edge ones are so much more convenient. Knowing that these knives are especially forged to ease in the performing of varying techniques for left handed users, all the worries in regards to the gripping and knife-holding position goes away just in a second.